3 Fundamentals of LinkedIn

02 Nov
3 Fundamentals of LinkedIn

3 Fundamentals of Linkedin

LinkedIn promises a connection with those who operate within many sphere’s of business.  It has the power to build your profile and connect you to those people and organisations you know will make the difference in your business life.

In all honesty, it took me some time to come around to the idea of LinkedIn, and how it operates, however, having taken the time to get to grips with it early this summer, I have found that it has become one of my most powerful tools in business.

Now that the interface has changed and has become more user friendly, it definitely proves to be a great aid to any organisation.  Since delving into Linkedin some more, there are some key features that I have experienced that I’m sure will support your use of Linkedin and the progress of your business.

*A Source to Connect with Likeminded People*

The beauty of LinkedIn is that it has the ability to connect you to organisations and their owners all over the world.  A great feature within LinkedIn is the ability to connect with those people that are closely linked to the field or target market you operate. I have discovered that this is important to keep a focused eye on, as this could potentially be an area to explore for the better of your organisation. This has personally helped me to connect with likeminded individuals and organisations, which are willing to build connections, trust and support one another to fulfil each other’s business goals.

*A platform to share your Expertise*

LinkedIn provides a fantastic platform to share your expertise.  As LinkedIn is easily accessible, it doesn’t require any hard work to discover that others are able to see your skill set and know instantly how and where you work.  This is fantastic for establishing your position within the sphere of your target market.  Enabling you and your organisation to be highly visible also results in Google and other similar search engines being able to find you faster, meaning quicker results, for you and your organisation.  It also makes the flow for your potential contacts straightforward, as this ultimately makes the process to connect with you even easier.

*A Springboard to Enhance your Skills*

The combination of many contacts and an access point to them is also a great enhancement for your personal development and the growth of your organisation.   Not only can your name and the nature of your organisation be shared, but there is great opportunity to tap into other people’s knowledge and skill set by signing up to specific groups.  The opportunity to gain peer to peer knowledge is an absolute credit to LinkedIn, and its users would be sorry to not take up the advantage being offered. I’ve personally found this to be very rewarding, not only have I been able to diversify my skill set but I’ve also been able to share my expertise and therefore expand my influence, to the degree where I am now being asked questions from fellow group members.  In the beginning I only joined these groups to see their nature, now they have become one of the blessings to my business growth.

I will continue to use LinkedIn, because despite all of my preconceptions it has won me over. It’s a true tale of don’t judge a book by its cover.  LinkedIn has allowed me to gain more knowledge and more skills, which has added tremendous value to my business and I. It also offers a platform for me, to build for my future development and to focus forward for my business and it’s expansion.  Most of all it has been a very worthwhile investment, particularly as it has and continues to make my business and myself suitable and well rounded, meaning I can provide the best possible service to my clients.

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