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Spotlight with Colette Ratcliffe

Spotlight with Colette Ratcliffe

I met Colette at a local networking group when I first started out in business and we re-connected some months later.  Since then it has been a pleasure to build a great business relationship with Colette, based on trust and forward thinking.

I know that Colette doesn’t sell anything she deems inappropriate for the person and will do her upmost to offer the best value for money.

Colette has a great passion for helping others, it is this quality that solidifies her work ethic, and fused together with her knowledge of the corporate environment, her business is full of expertise and vigour.  Pure Solace is an integral part of Colette’s life, she is always full of creativity and is a true entrepreneur at heart.

In this issue Colette share a part of her business journey and experience.


Pure Solace


Name: Colette Ann Ratcliffe

 A quote that resonates with me: “When a woman is talking to you, listen to what she says with her eyes”.

My first car was: An MG Metro

My guiltiest pleasure is: Red wine and Walkers sensations crisps

The first record I ever bought was: “Mary’s Boy Child” by Bony-M

In 5 years from now I will be: A successful Holistic Therapist and Businesswoman

My most treasured moment is: Meeting my wonderful husband (and having my two daughters if I can have two!)

My favourite clothing as a child was:  An Arron cardigan that a neighbour knitted for me which I had for about 20 years!

The biggest lesson I’ve learned since starting out in business is: Hard work and positive thinking pays off!  Do not let “no” dishearten you.  Try again at a later date.

My favourite holiday destination is: Costa Del Sol, Spain

Two things people don’t know about me are: I love dancing/aerobics/zumba and I can touch type at approx 95 wpm

How does your business help others?

Holistic therapies are treatments that help people to de-stress, unwind, re-energise and find time for themselves to re-balance their energies and assess their health and wellbeing.

I also provide corporate on-site massage and reflexology sessions for local businesses – please see my website for further information and recent testimonials  I am also now selling Christmas gifts and vouchers.



Deep Breathing in Bed

Deep breathing in bed will allow your body to relax prior to falling asleep. To do this, lie on your back in your bed. Relax your entire body slowly and inhale through the nose. Try to fill the lower part of your chest first and then allow the air to go into your middle and top portion of your chest. This entire process should last eight to 10 seconds. Hold your breath in for one or two seconds. Quietly release the air from your lungs and relax before doing the exercise again. If you begin to feel dizzy you are doing the exercise too quickly and need to slow it down. This exercise can be done until you fall asleep.
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